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locally roasted organic coffee

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At The Coffee Snob, origin matters.

Each and every crop of green, 

organic coffee is imported with care and roasted to perfection.

No short-changing here either!

All our bags are a full pound of

freshly-roasted beans,

tailored to your prefered brewing method.

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Truly Great Coffee

We are a family-run, all-organic coffee roaster with a few locations in the state of Florida. We offer whole bean, ground, or brewed coffee, all guaranteed to be fresh-roasted. We utilize the Artisan 6 Fluid-Bed Roaster. This roasting method ensures a smooth, even flavor, without the bitter scorching of traditional drum roasters.

We understand every person has a unique taste in coffee, which is why we offer custom roasts on demand. You will receive your favorite blend every time. In addition, we custom-grind your beans to suit your preferred brewing style.

Each of our locations serves a range of coffee-based beverages and food items. We also offer soft-serve ice cream - including our made-in-house coffee flavor! See our menu for a complete listing of products.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Hand-Pressed Espresso

We pride ourselves on serving quality, rich espresso every time in all our espresso-based drinks. Customers regularly comment on the consistently smooth, full-bodied flavor of each shot. How is this achieved?


Meet the Flair Espresso Press! This all-manual, lever-action press gives your barista increased control over every aspect of the extraction process. The hands-on approach also provides immediate feedback for necessary grind adjustments, crema quality, and proper brewing temperature. These advantages, combined with our always fresh-roasted beans, results in that consistent, quality espresso you can count on each and every sip.

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