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5lb Caffeinated

Choose from Honduran, Colombian, or our rotating Roaster's Choice origin, pick a roast level, and select whole bean or ground for your brewing method. Comes in a 5lb sealed bag.

5lbs Peruvian Decaf

Swiss Water Processed Peruvian Decaf makes for the most enjoyable decaf experience! Pick a roast level and select whole bean or ground for your brewing method. Comes in a 5lb sealed bag.

Pre-Packaged for Resale

Want to resell to your customers? We offer pre-packaged coffee in all our standard varieties. Coffee Snob branded bags are 14oz, minimum 5-bag order. Contact us to discuss custom label options!

Organically Grown

We roast exclusively certified organic-grown coffee. All certificates are available on demand.

Fluid Air Bed

We use Fluid Air Bed roasters, which loft the green coffee in hot air, instead of roasting it on a hot metal surface. This eliminates contact-scorching on the beans. The air flow also removes the chaff from the roasting cylinder, preventing the burned ashy flavor common in drum-roasted coffee.

Strictly High-Grown

& Arabica

High-altitude-grown coffee and arabica coffee are both preferred for their full, smooth flavors, lower acidity content, and more stable brewing consistency. Combine the two and you have a truly Snob-worthy cuppa.


No stale, months-old coffee here! Fresh roasted means your coffee will have the richest, smoothest natural flavors, your darker roasts won't have rancid oil notes, and your espresso shots will be robust and full.

Small Batch

We roast a maximum of 10 pounds at a time to ensure precision quality control and roast consistency. This also enables us to roast your order fresh on demand!

Swiss Water Process

Our Decaf is chemical free! This rich Peruvian coffee has been decaffeinated using exclusively water and green coffee extract. This process decaffeinates the beans more thoroughly than commercial methods, and also better preserves the coffee's natural flavors. So even though it's decaf, it still tastes like a good cup of joe!

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Custom Label

We are proud to offer our coffee under your custom label!


 Choose from a variety of flexible agreements:

  • We Roast, You Package

  • We Roast and Package

  • We Assist with Design and Roast, You Package

  • We Assist with Design, Roast, and Package

Details must be discussed via phone, video, or in-person meeting.


If you do not already have a custom label, there are two routes we recommend for obtaining one:​​


Full Bag Design

If you're looking for the complete package, we recommend using Roastar. They provide a wide range of bag sizes and styles, all fully customizable, and made of high-quality materials. We recommend using Canva to create your bag design image. It's a free and extremely versatile online application.


Roastar requires a minimum 4-6 week lead time for the initial order.

Subsequent reorders of the same design take about 2-4 weeks.


Custom Label on Kraft

Kraft-paper, wax-lined bags are a classic look and are the quickest option to get your coffee on the shelves. 1lb bags are available from almost every restaurant supplier. We use Webstaurant for quick and easy bulk ordering. Labels are best sourced via VistaPrint or, if we are assisting in the design process, our local printer, CorLabel. Check your bag dimensions to find the best label dimensions. With our kraft bags from Webstaurant, we used 4"x6" gloss labels.

The Design Process

We highly recommend completing the initial design process yourself to ensure the best satisfaction with your labeling. If you would like our assistance, however, we would be happy to discuss this service in a phone, video, or in-person consult. Contact us to get started!

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