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Why settle for sub-par taste when you're already forgoing caffeine? Our Peruvian is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process, which not only allows the best retention of the natural coffee flavors, but is also entirely chemical-free! 


Green - Not roasted and fresh off the drying mats, this is the ultimate for do-it-yourself home roasters.

City Roast - brightest flavor tones and the highest concentration of caffeine.

Medium Roast - richest flavor expression and middle-of-the-road brew strength.

Viennese Roast - most versatile with the perfect strength for espresso shots, black brew, or with cream.

Dark Roast - a daring bold strong enough to wake a mule and carry rich flavor through heavy cream.


Choosing your grind: We've made it easy! Simply select your preferred brew method and we'll do the tailoring.


Pro Tip: Like your drip brew (Mr. Coffee) a little stronger, without needing a darker roast? Select "Espresso" and your coffee will come in a finer grind for greater brew concentration!

Peruvian Decaf

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  • All pickup orders require a minimum 24-hour turnaround. Same-day pickup is not available. Please wait to receive "Order Ready" email before attempting pickup. 

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